Lucky Summer RAI
FCI Border Collie



DOB: 27.3.18
Breed: Border Collie
Sex: Male
Status:   Stud dog
Color: Black&White
Hair:   Smooth
Height: 54.5cm
Teeth: Complete
Bite: Scissors
ED: 0/0
Eyes:   Clear
OCD:   Free, Spine: Clear
Other:   DNA: MDR1, TNS, CEA, IGS, NCL, SN, GG all Normal


My own private "Malinois-Border". Open, self-confident, and happy.

Fast and intensive in everything he does. Loving world, people and dogs.

Characterized by a great balance between toughness and cooperative spirit, he can understand corrections and loves repetitions, while his constantly wagging tail emphasizes his proud look.

Born to run! With his body of a snake,

he can stop and accelerate to full speed in 1sec.


In his movement, you can see all his great ancestors.

He is exactly what I want in a sports border collie line!

The one and only Rai





Eyes: Clear, Gonioscopy Free

Obedience 1

Rally-O 1

Rai and his team took 2nd place at the Polish "Rally-O school and club competition Championship 2020



Lia x Rai  LI Shepter X Lucky Summer RAI, 5 puppies: 4 girls 1 boy
Roz x Rai  LZ ROZ Shepter X Lucky Summer RAI, 6 puppies: 4 girls 2 boys
Prim x Rai  NNL K' Constellation PrimroseX Lucky Summer RAI, 8 puppies: 4 girls 4 boys
Tara x Rai  Glan Y Gors Tara X Lucky Summer RAI, 4 puppies: 3 boys 1 girl
Fru x Rai Fru Sonic Workaholic X Lucky Summer RAI, 7 puppies: 3 girls and 4 boys

Rai's frozen semen is in the USA




Rai agility beginings: https://youtu.be/TRjmqrg4VfA

Rai Obedience training: https://youtu.be/_SbOCJxh-9A

Obedience - beginnings of heeling: https://youtu.be/RrWYnRVaAjw

Rai 2-4 months: https://youtu.be/KOuhsjCbE40

Rai 11 weeks Happy Tail: https://youtu.be/pP89398wT5Y

Short adventure with tunel : https://youtu.be/ohDDHblX9IM




















Kopiko Credo Shepter




JCh.Pl., Ch.Pl., Ch.Lt.,

CW, Zw.Pl.


Agility 3

Obedience 3

R-O 3

HIT (Sheep)

V-Ch Obedience Pl

PP Obedience 3rd


HD, ED: A, 0/0



Bubos Banka




JCh.Pl., Ch.Pl.,

Ch.Lt,. Ch.Sk.,

CW, Zw.Pl.


Agility 3

Obedience 1

R-O 3


HD, ED: A, 0/0


Li Shepter



Obedience 2

Agility 2


HD, ED: A, 0/0




Agility 3

Obedience 2

R-O 3





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