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Kopiko finalized his last start in class R-O 3 taking the 1st place and
achieving the R3 Rally Championship title



Li has started officially competing in agility:


Agility competition Warsaw:

1st place in J0

 2nd place in A0

2nd place in J0+A0


Agility competition Legnickie Pole:

3rd place in LA1


Li's speeds from the above competition :)


Warsaw 9-10.07.2016:
A0 - 6,13m/s
J0 - 5,21m/s
J0 - 5,75m/s


LP 16-17.07.2016:
A1 - 5,76m/s
A1 - 5,32m/s
JO - 5,29m/s


Li's competition video





How time flies... in March Raja turned 11,

while in May Kali turned 9 and Li 2 ♥


Here are the official health results of Li Shepter:



ED 0/0



In March, a little Shepter meeting took place :)

Bekon(son) Kali(mommy) Buki(daughter)


In reality Buki turned out to be as fast as in the videos;

I'm very happy that she belongs to the small group of the fastest mudis


Little (38 cm) and fast as a bullet Kabuki Banka Shepter:


Perfect sport siblings:
Bekon - Kopiko Shepter (Ob 3, A3)
Buki - Kabuki Shepter  (A3)



In April Li and I went to a seminar with Martina Klimesova.

While Li was training her agility skills,

Kali met her sister Kiki (Agility World Champion)



I've always thought that my mudis' zones were finished very fast, but Li did them in a spectacularly short time. So short, that it seems unimaginable. And the result looks like that:







Kopiko Credo Shepter




JCh.Pl., Ch.Pl., Ch.Lt.,

CW, Zw.Pl.


Agility 3

Obedience 3

R-O 3

HIT (Sheep)

V-Ch Obedience Pl

PP Obedience 3rd


HD, ED: A, 0/0



Bubos Banka




JCh.Pl., Ch.Pl.,

Ch.Lt,. Ch.Sk.,

CW, Zw.Pl.


Agility 3

Obedience 1

R-O 3


HD, ED: A, 0/0


Li Shepter



Obedience 1

Agility 1


HD, ED: A, 0/0




Agility 3

Obedience 2

R-O 3





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